Max Collinge:

I’ve noticed that professionals under 30 are becoming more anxious about communicating at work and current corporate training just doesn't solve this problem. Right now, live workshops and online training focuses on the techniques of effective speaking while neglecting what matters most, the emotional state of the the speaker.

I first noticed this issue in my own life. I took a year off college and spent too much time alone and absorbed in online games. As a result, became massively socially anxious and terrible with other people. Speaking with the other young professionals and business owners, I realized that this is not a unique problem. Many young professionals feel anxious and undervalued and their employers worry about how new hires will fit into the company culture and how they will relate to existing clients. 

As if that isn't enough, his trend will only grow more problematic in the next 10 years. As more millennials and younger generations enter the workforce, the prevalence of social anxiety in the workplace will increase and emotional intelligence will appreciate in value. 

Here is why : the younger the generation the more they sacrificed in person communication for screen-time during their formative years. We are witnessing the biggest shift in our species communication style... EVER. This means that corporate training on anxiety reduction and communication skills will explode in value and prevalence. 

As a member of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology and the American Mindfulness Research Association I work at the intersection of the science behind what makes us tick socially and ancient practices to manage our emotions. From this intersection, I create tools that empower my clients to be more emotionally intelligent. 

I teach primarily young, front facing, ambitious professionals how they can become more captivating when communicating and become more emotionally intelligent. I do this by teaching them how to change their mindset and physiology to feel expressive and confident and then use that social mood to back up the techniques that make a great communicator. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt) I also utilize many techniques and concepts from meditation and hypnosis to help his clients overcome anxiety while presenting.

If you want to bring me in to deliver a workshop to your team or a keynote at your conference with me please contact me

I imagine a future where millennials and their employers can relate more naturally. A world in which as young professionals are on-boarded into a new company they are taught a toolkit to overcome anxiety and replace it with the captivating personality which lies just below the surface. I imagine a world where millennials feel like they have more of a voice, that they matter more. A world where their employers can breathe easy knowing that this new hire will not damage the workplace dynamic or goodwill with clients. The reason I work is to move the needle (even if slightly) toward creating this world.


Fun Facts:

  • I am currently working on building a customized and interactive video course to help young professionals learn presentation skills remotely.
  • When not delivering workshops or keynotes, you can find me helping various vegan organizations around the greater Seattle area with their marketing, branding, and evangelizing.
  • I've ran {79} miles in my current pair of {Saucony Type A} Shoes

... and I love fast cars.


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