What I am up to in the world.

Over the last 6 years I have been studying all manner of psychology and networking with psychologists and more specifically, PhD’s in men’s studies. I began this journey thinking I was interested in body language and even authored the book “influential body language” but rapidly my interests deepened and I realized my true interest is millennial masculinity, with body language as one small component.

I strongly believe that now more than ever young men in the west are in a masculinity crisis. We have few if any strong male role models outside of our families to speak to. We lack a map of what it means to be a good man and are adrift in a world of gender fluidity, political correctness, and a culture oversaturated in ideologies of feminism.

I noticed this problem over the last few years as I had conversations with young men my age about what they wanted out of life and about what type of man they would like to become. The dominant themes I felt from those conversations were a lack of clarity in masculine identity and when there was clarity, a guilt and paralyzing tentativeness around it. I believe this comes comes from feminism, the demonization of masculinity, the lack of having a community of men to voice your opinions to, and the lack of an initiation into manhood.

Looking deeper, statistics backed up my hunch. Men are dropping out of college at unprecedented rates, taking less interest in becoming fathers, earning less than ever before, and have skyrocketing rates of anxiety and depression.

Clearly something is going wrong for young men these days.

The issue doesn’t stop there though.

Because of our lack of clarity about what it means to be a good man and our lack of a process to make that intellectual knowledge practical we are living in an age where vast numbers of young men have poor mental and emotional health, poor relationships, and indefinitely delayed maturity and contribution in the world.

In the long run this is a very caustic trend for our culture. Men who are purposeless and without a solid grounding in relationships and work will ultimately be the cause of more poverty, more crime, and all the litany of damages that come from their absence in the family unit.

I am working on solving this issue one guy at a time with weekend workshops where we dive into, among other things,

The benefits of a male only community and one that is brutally honest, accountable, and nurturing in a purely masculine way.

Initiation rites and how going through pain and struggle to advance in key areas of life is a core manly virtue

Defining what it means to be a good man with breakout sessions, as well as borrowing definitions from sources as old as the bible and as new as evolutionary psychology

The use of radical vulnerability and physical practices to help let go of emotional hang-ups and scars stopping the participants from showing up as their best self in their relationships and communities.

The validity of definition of purpose for young men has been shown by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson who has shown through his self-authoring program which has boosted the GPAS of participants by upward of 10% and decreased dropout rates. The results were the most dramatic in underperforming men.

I have also received the endorsement of several people, most notably Dr. Dave White, PhD in men’s studies who will attest to the power of initiation rites and male only spaces.

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I see a future where men cease to be ashamed of their masculinity and cease to pander to political correctness. I see young men who clearly understand what masculinity is, its evolutionary basis and embrace it. I see a world where we reawaken our warrior spirits and like our ancestors, move into the world decisively, generatively and do battle to leave a mark on the world as all young men should.