Why Has Masculinity Been So Demonized Recently?

I want to talk about what I'm going to call demonized masculinity. It's this really prevalent idea which seems to have sprung out of the 1980s and onward feminist thought, which has become more pervasive as this school of feminist thought has invaded universities and has become a dominant point of view in many universities. 

                                I'm going to call it demonized masculinity because it's an idea which seems to be so widely accepted now that for a lot of us, especially for a lot of us young men, it goes completely unnoticed. We don't even think about it just because it happens so many times because it's been forced upon us and spoken about so many times.

                                What I'm talking about is any action or any conversation with either these overt contexts or the subtext that intrinsically masculinity and masculine traits are negative. The reason why, and the genesis, of why I'm thinking about this is because the year after I left university the next class of young men that came into the school, and this is only for men, had to go to a several hour seminar, a half-day seminar of what amounts to anti-rape training. How not to rape and sexually assault women. That made me livid becasue the subtext of that men without being educated are generally rapists is so clearly false. 

                                the subtext is that if you are a 19-year old man you need an education on how not to rape, because that's literally just part of the fabric of your character apparently. It's inaccurate and it's just wrong. That's one of the things that got me thinking about it.

                                Another one that got me thinking about it is this idea that young men and men more generally, are terrifically violent and abusive people. Essentially, it's these two. It's the idea that men are these power-hungry, violent molesters. That's the narrative and the subtext that you'll bump into in a lot of people, especially academics.

                                I've actually had an ex-girlfriend like this where over the course of time, I realized that her dominant view of what a man was, was somebody who was violent and sexually violent. I just wanted to address it as an idea that masculinity has been demonized to the point where we can't see when it is being demonized anymore. 

                                We can also have the courage to stand up and resist people who seem to imply or literally say outright that masculinity and masculine traits are damaging to society. Men are more aggressive, but there's a lot of good that comes out of aggression, drive to achieve, lots of lust, protectiveness, tribal-oriented behaviors that are intrinsically part of being a man. There's a lot of good that has come out of that.

                                Men, for eons, have been economic powerhouses when they're really driven because they have to be to impress chicks. They've been physical protectors of women, weaker men, and children, and they have used that aggression and tribal nature in a lot of really positive, generative ways.

                                I just want to make this post because I want it to be the starting point of a conversation around how the perceived negatives of masculinity can actually be positive in society, because I firmly believe that they are. Take care.