Private Coaching to Become the Most Captivating Presenter in the Room 

Watch this 90 second video if you've ever wanted to learn how to overcome presentation stress and speak in a way that truly captivates and engages your audience.


A few years ago I was the most anxious person you can imagine. Most days it was a struggle just to leave the house! As a result of this, my personal and professional life was a wreck. Out of the frustration of that anxiety I made a decision to fix this issue for myself no matter what. Along the way I realized 2 things ; I had the tools to help others manage their stress and their mood, and I had a knack for public speaking. 

By speaking with young professionals one thing which I also realized is that my stress and anxiety is by no means unique. Many millennials  feel anxiety at work because presentation skills just don't come as naturally to our technologically steeped generation as previous generations.

My message that we are in the midst of the biggest shift in the way we communicate at work has spurred me to...

  • Speak to fortune 500's, universities, leadership organizations, and executive associations

  • Write a book called "Influential Body Language"

  • Coach clients 1-on-1 to make sure that presentations become exciting, not terrifying


I know intimately how stress and anxiety damages our ability to communicate, and at the highest level, that is why I coach.

More specifically, here are my top 4 reasons for coaching.

  • Current presentation coaching prices are outlandish, sometims running  $5000+ per quarter
  • Most coaches neglect to teach you how to manage your mood, which is absolutely vital to making a good impression
  • Many presentation training organizations focus on spoken word and speech structure and neglect the importance of body language in giving a memorable presentation.
  • Young professionals and millenials are the most stressed and anxious generation at work because we grew up with less face to face time and more screen-time. we are in need of presentation coaching which is grounded in stress management

What People Think of My Techniques

Erika Savoy, Certified Business Developer, Express Employment Professionals

I’m a business developer. I do a lot of relationship building training and todays speech was awesome because it was the first time anybody ever talked about biology… Definitely take your biology seriously, listen to what you are learning and apply it.


Ian Keber, teacher & Servant Leader

I really like your book and have suggested it to many.  Also had my BNI group with 40+ members all do the Roman Stomp to start a meeting.  Great job!


Liam Scalan

Principal, Scanlan & Associates

What a delightful event this morning! My sense is, EVERYONE had a GREAT time, and learned a lot too. THANK YOU for a SUPERB presentation this morning.

Program Outline


Week 1 : ASSESSMENT and Goal Setting

Week 2 : How to Structure A speech

Week 3 : Quieting Stress using MINDFULNESS techniques

Week 4 : how (and why) to script your BODY LANGUAGE

Week 5 : How to convey credibility by using soundbites

week 6 : Projecting confidence through your voice

Week 7 : Halfway Progress Check-in

Week 8 : how to put yourself in a great state for your presentation

Week 9 : 10 traits of captivating communicators

Week 10 : How to handle Impromptu Speeches

Week 11 : 3 Psychological techniques to give your presentation a boost

Week 12 : How to stay sharp forever

Are we a Good Fit ? 

Most people rate public speaking and presenting as their top fear, even over death! I remember how hard it was to step up to speak for the first time; my hands were sweating, my heart was thumping in my chest, and my vision was blurry. 

Maybe this sounds familiar?

It doesn't have to be that way for you though. Through coaching on the techniques I have used in over 100 presentations, in a few short months you will be able to speak with conviction and captivate any audience you speak to.

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P.S. It's risk free. If at any time you feel our sessions aren't worth 10X the cost I will give you a prorated refund for the sessions you didn't use.