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The Most Valuable Skillset for Professional Success Today

Being good with people has always been the best predictor of success, but now this skill is far less common. In our tech obsessed culture, being a captivating communicator is neglected and as a result, over indexes for success. 

In this compelling keynote, Max makes the case that becoming a more impactful communicator matters now more than ever before and shares a toolkit to make that vision a reality.  

His unique take on how to do this is that by managing your mindset, your body language, and your social skills, your attractive mood shines through and is contagious to everyone you meet. 

Weather communicating to one person or 30 or 300, The leaders of 20 years from now will be those who learned to be captivating communicators and there has never been a bigger opportunity in the marketplace than today.

When you book Max to speak to your audience, they will leave empowered with a simple but powerful takeaway; now more than ever is the time to double down on captivating communication skills because there is a massive gap in the market for those who see it and will act on it.


Creating M.U.S.E. Cultures

How (and Why) to Build a Culture of Captivating Communicators

In Greek mythology a muse was a godess of creativity. In this keynote Max teaches your audience how to create a culture that promotes the art of great communication.

M.U.S.E. cultures are made up of team members who are: mindful, unflappable spellbinding and empathetic. All of which empower them to create new and richer relationships.

Young professionals entering the workforce today are more stressed, anxious, and under-prepared to communicate well in person than ever before.

Building a M.U.S.E culture of excellent communicators provides the twin benefits of removing awkward faux pas’ that destroy goodwill with clients and increasing employee satisfaction by boosting their confidence around communication.

When Max speaks about how to build a culture of captivating communicators (a M.U.S.E. culture) your audience will be riveted and will leave with actionable advice to create a culture in their workplace where captivating and impact communication is the norm.

They will leave knowing how to make a M.U.S.E. culture that fosters the creation of more and deeper relationships both internally and with clients.


Supreme Social Shift

Tools to Navigate the biggest change in our species communication style... ever

We are witnessing the biggest shift our species has ever gone through. People 18 to 30 are coming into the marketplace with great online communication skills, good communication skills with their peers, but poor presentation and communication skills in professional settings.

In this keynote, Max makes the case that we are making a tradeoff of face-to-face communication skills for stronger online communication skills. 

Because of this people skills are becoming increasingly rare, and are overindexing for success. 

This means that professionals (and especially young professionals) who focus on honing both online and in person communication styles simultaneously will find themselves in leadership positions faster than ever. 

Max follows this seemingly simple idea to its profound implications, leaving the audience thinking for days and weeks afterward. 

Your aduiece will thank you for helping them feel uplifted, inspired, and optimistic about how they can become more successful and satisfied at work using Max's actionable and thought provoking advice. 

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About Max

Max Collinge is the author of the book "Influential Body Language", a communication skills coach for young professionals, and a public speaker on the topics of emotional intelligence, the generation gap, and captivating communication skills. 

He began his career when he dropped out of his sophomore year of college after realizing that he had crippling social anxiety and, like most people, was terrified of public speaking. This pain point lit a fire to learn all about where these issues come from, how to overcome them, and how to excel at communicating. 

Using his experience from delivering over 100 presentations to 1000's people and putting in over 10,000 hours of work to understand communication skills at a high level, he gives people actionable tools to help them become less stressed, less anxious, more emotionally intelligent, and more captivating when they communicate. 

He lives in dreary Seattle and loves every minute of it.

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