How To Become More Captivating

Hi, I'm Max. I went from crippling social anxiety to entertaining audiences of 100+ people regularly. If you are under 30 (or lead a team of young professionals) and want to become more captivating and stress-free during your key conversations at work ; you'll love this site. When you communicate so people like you, trust you, and give their attention to you, you can get and keep clients far easier. Whether you work in a startup or a fortune 500 company, people skills are king.  The method I teach local universities and fortune 500's (and will be including on this site) is based on the intersection of a few ideas...


Emotional intelligence 

The ability to understand and manage your emotions and the emotions of others is by far the best predictor of success.  But how do you cultivate and how do you increase this skill? This is the main question this site will answer. 

Social Psychology

Scientific breakthroughs are shedding light on new ways to become more emotionally intelligent. The only issue is that most of this research is impractical to use and miserable to read. I will make it entertaining and actionable for you. 


Mindfulness   Practices

Mindfulness practices have profound value for increasing our emotional well being and our ability to face stressful situations with grace. My goal is to make these disciplines more accessible and science based so that you can use them to become more captivating. 

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